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Our funeral services at 
Sovereign Funeral Services 

Sovereign Funeral Services offer a professional and compassionate service that is tailored to your circumstances. Whatever your financial status is, we are always able to help.

At no additional cost, we can make all the necessary arrangements in the comfort of your own home. Or if you would prefer, we can book an appointment for you to visit one of our offices at Rhuddlan, Rhy and Llandudno.


Assistance with registering and the collection of doctors' certificates is available if required, again at no additional cost.

Coffin being lifted by pall bearers
Cremation urn

Direct Cremation


The provision of a cremation without service or attendance of family or friends.

The funeral director will use a local crematorium facility and date of the cremation of their choosing. Chapel visits are not an option for direct cremation services. Cremated remains/ashes will be available for collection from our main office in Rhuddlan seven days after the cremation. Cremated remains cannot be sent through the post, family must make provision themselves for a private courier to collect and deliver.

Funeral director fees:
(Inclusive of making all the arrangements, administration and all professional fees and provision of a private ambulance.)

Suitable coffin for cremation: £150.00

Repatriation from hospital within 15 miles of funeral director premises: £60.00

Total of funeral director fees: £900.00

Disbursements/fees you must pay (fees other than funeral director costs) 

Crematorium fee: £300.00

Doctor fees: £82.00

Total of disbursements: £382.00

Total cost: £1282.00


Additional costs that may apply:

Oversize coffin (larger than 6’ x 22”) Plus £100.00

Repatriation from a hospital further than 15 miles away £1.00 per mile.

Sovereign Funeral Services Limited does not have any business or material financial interest in price comparison websites that compare Funeral Director Service and or Crematoria Services and their respective prices.


Sovereign Funeral Services Limited has not made any charitable donations to third parties connected to the Funeral sector in the last 12 months.


Sovereign Funeral Services is owned by Leigh Hymus-Gant and is registered as a Private Limited Company


Conwy crematorium fees

DMC Crematorium fees

CMA Price List

Cemetery fees

Denbighshire county council crematorium fees




Funeral casket with a pink rose.jpg

Standard Funeral (attended)

The provision of a standard funeral service with a hearse and limousines (if required), either leaving from an address or in the case of
a hearse only funeral, meeting at the crematorium or place of worship for the service prior to the committal.


Chapel visits are available by appointment.

Funeral director fees inclusive of making all the arrangements as requested, administration and professional fees and care of the deceased:


Provision of an oak veneered coffin: £200.00

Repatriation from hospital within 15 miles of funeral director premises: £60.00

Hearse: £200.00

Total of funeral director fees, hearse only funeral: £2000.00


Limousine (each): £250.00

Total of funeral director fees, hearse and one limousine: £2250.00




Funeral casket with a rose.jpg

Disbursements/fees you must pay

(fees other than funeral director costs)


Crematorium fees.
Colwyn Bay crematorium: £783

St. Asaph crematorium: £965

These are the fees for a service within peak times, other options at reduced costs

are available, please enquire.

Doctors’ fees for cremation paperwork: £82.00


Burial fees are dependent on whether a new grave is required or reopening of an existing grave, costs can be dependent on residency within the borough the deceased resided. Please enquire to be advised on the costs that are relevant to your requirements, this also applies to cremated remains/ashes.


Embalming fees: £70.00


Minister of religion (Church in Wales): £95.00 - £120.00

Funeral celebrants: £150.00 - £220.00

Church fees (Church in Wales, including minister fee): £380.00

Optional Service Fees


Floral tributes are generally between: £60.00 - £140.00 (double-ended sprays)


Obituary notices are generally between: £70 - £95.00 (local newspapers)


Order of service:
Funeral leaflet up to 40 leaflets: Free of Charge

41 – 150 leaflets: £50.00


Temporary grave markers (wooden cross): £25.00

Ashes casket (solid wood): £40.00

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